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Bridesmaid Lotto (sst-cccl)

Bridesmaid Lotto (sst-cccl)

Series Name:   McMaster the Disaster Authored By:  Rachel Astor Synopsis McMaster the Disaster series, Book 1 Josephine McMaster is pretty and smart, but very much a klutzy mess. Finally, at 26, she may have actually lost the dreaded ‘McMaster the Disaster’ nickname that has followed her around her whole life. Josie’s quite content to be …

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Black Keys (sst-ccxl)

Black Keys (sst-ccxl)

  Series Name:   The Colorblind Trilogy Authored By:  Rose B. Mashal Synopsis A Muslim Arab Prince with a heavy weight of responsibilities on his shoulders and a young Catholic American woman with a dark, haunted past living inside her heart. Unexpectedly thrust together in a deal of betrayal brokered by her brother, the last thing …

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The New Girl (sst-ccxx)

The New Girl (sst-ccxx)

  Series Name:   Webster Grove Series Authored By:  Tracie Puckett Synopsis Webster Grove, Book 1 Seventeen-year-old Steph has her heart set on a new beginning for the eleventh time. A move to Webster Grove introduces her to a new school, new friends, and new experiences—including a few tender glances from her sexy English teacher. When …

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Intoxicated (sst-cxv)

Series Name:   The Intoxicated Books Authored By: Alicia Renee Kline Writer’s Website:   Synopsis Intoxicated A full length novel of over 100,000 words… When everything she ever wanted turns out not to be enough… Lauren Jefferies is on the verge of having it all. Hard work and determination have culminated in a promotion that …

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Cliffhanger (The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries, Book One)

Cliffhanger (The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries, Book One) (sst-lxix)

    Series Name:   The Belinda & Bennett Mysteries Series Authored By:    Amy Saunders Writer’s Website: Synopsis Coming home, Belinda Kittridge expected fun, sun, and sugar cookies. She got an old rival, the murder of a former classmate, and a return to a tragic sailing accident to set things right. But new possibilities …

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Chasing Forever Down

Chasing Forever Down (sst-lviii)

    Series Name:   Drenaline Surf Authored By:  Nikki Godwin Writer’s Website: Synopsis After Haley meets a mysterious guy who is all about chasing after his dreams, she will do anything to find him again – even though local sources tell her he died three years ago. Follow Haley and her best friend Linzi …

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Democrats lament Amy Coney Barrett pick but say 'we can't stop the outcome'

Democrats on Sunday appeared resigned to the fact that President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett will get confirmed.

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
California woman arrested for allegedly ramming protesters with car

Tatiana Turner, 40, was taken into custody after striking a man and a woman with her car in Yorba Linda, California, during a protest.

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
'Not by accident': False 'thug' narratives have long been used to discredit civil rights movements

Trump's using the word "thugs" to describe Black Lives Matter protestors is part of a long narrative of assigning violence to those fighting for racial justice

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
North Korea warns of naval tensions during search for slain South Korean

North Korea warned Sunday that South Korean naval operations in a disputed sea border threatened to raise tensions as the search for a slain diplomat continues.

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
Trump has the votes in Supreme Court fight, but Democrats have the political edge

In Supreme Court fight, Trump has the votes but Democrats have the political edge

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
Is mail theft surging in the U.S.? Postal Service inspectors don't know

Anecdotal accounts suggest mail theft is on the rise in parts of the country. Postal Service inspectors don’t have a reliable system to track the crime.

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
What is a paella pan? Experts share tips on your best options.

What is a paella pan and the best paella pans, including options from Garcima, Made In, Lodge, Le Creuset, Demeyere, La Tienda and more.

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
Climate change poses a growing threat to hundreds of hazardous waste Superfund sites

Hurricanes, floods and wildfires imperil hundreds of toxic sites. But the Trump administration won't talk about the rising risks.

NBC News | 24 Sep, 2020
Swing the Election

See how changes in voter turnout and support could shift the outcome of the 2020 election.

NBC News | 23 Sep, 2020
Demographic shifts since 2016 could be enough to defeat Trump. But it's complicated.

Demographic shifts since 2016 could be enough to defeat Trump. But it’s complicated.

NBC News | 23 Sep, 2020
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