Grain of Truth  (sst-cdxiii)

Grain of Truth (sst-cdxiii)

Series Name:   Innocence Unit Authored By:  V.J. Chambers Writer’s Website:   Synopsis They have the power to overturn wrongful convictions… and a target on their backs. Elke Lawrence welcomes the long hours and relocation her “promotion” requires. She hopes leading the new Conviction Review Unit, an experimental investigation team, means leaving her wrecked marriage …

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Deadly Stillwater (sst-ccxv)

Deadly Stillwater (sst-ccxv)

  Series Name:   McRyan Mystery Series Authored By:  Roger Stelljes Synopsis THE CRIME SERIES WITH 2+ MILLION DOWNLOADS and 20,000+ REVIEWS New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Mystery Series TWO GIRLS GONE… Shannon hustled to her car and dug into her black purse, searching for her car keys. He quickly put his hand over …

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The Beginning: A Family Feud

The Beginning: A Family Feud (sst-cl)

Series Name:   Dying For The Truth Authored By:  Louise Payne Writer’s Website: Synopsis Rigoberto Santiago lived comfortably surrounded by a tight circle of his brother’s as the leader of the Cartel Federation, but when the Spanish Police came knocking on the door of his home in the early hours of the morning with news …

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Gee (sst-cxx)

Series Name:   JD Series Authored By:  Antonio Tripodi Writer’s Website: Synopsis When John Daniels left for the library he expected it to be just another quiet day hunting through journals and periodicals. Then a mysterious package arrived with an impossible device inside, and John’s peaceful world vanished with the death screams of a murdered …

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3 a.m. (Henry Bins 1) (sst-xxxviii)

3 a.m. (Henry Bins 1) (sst-xxxviii)

    Series Name:   Henry Bins Series Authored By:  Nick Pirog Writer’s Website: Synopsis “**WINNER 2015 BEST SERIES** “The most interesting premise….EVER.” -Ruth.D “If I had to choose one series to take with me to that desert island in the middle of nowhere, this would be it.” -MsRee “Simply brilliant!” -Jeff Yurt “What an …

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Democrats lament Amy Coney Barrett pick but say 'we can't stop the outcome'

Democrats on Sunday appeared resigned to the fact that President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett will get confirmed.

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
California woman arrested for allegedly ramming protesters with car

Tatiana Turner, 40, was taken into custody after striking a man and a woman with her car in Yorba Linda, California, during a protest.

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
'Not by accident': False 'thug' narratives have long been used to discredit civil rights movements

Trump's using the word "thugs" to describe Black Lives Matter protestors is part of a long narrative of assigning violence to those fighting for racial justice

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
North Korea warns of naval tensions during search for slain South Korean

North Korea warned Sunday that South Korean naval operations in a disputed sea border threatened to raise tensions as the search for a slain diplomat continues.

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
Trump has the votes in Supreme Court fight, but Democrats have the political edge

In Supreme Court fight, Trump has the votes but Democrats have the political edge

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
Is mail theft surging in the U.S.? Postal Service inspectors don't know

Anecdotal accounts suggest mail theft is on the rise in parts of the country. Postal Service inspectors don’t have a reliable system to track the crime.

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
What is a paella pan? Experts share tips on your best options.

What is a paella pan and the best paella pans, including options from Garcima, Made In, Lodge, Le Creuset, Demeyere, La Tienda and more.

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
Climate change poses a growing threat to hundreds of hazardous waste Superfund sites

Hurricanes, floods and wildfires imperil hundreds of toxic sites. But the Trump administration won't talk about the rising risks.

NBC News | 24 Sep, 2020
Swing the Election

See how changes in voter turnout and support could shift the outcome of the 2020 election.

NBC News | 23 Sep, 2020
Demographic shifts since 2016 could be enough to defeat Trump. But it's complicated.

Demographic shifts since 2016 could be enough to defeat Trump. But it’s complicated.

NBC News | 23 Sep, 2020
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