First Strike  (sst-cdx)

First Strike (sst-cdx)

Series Name:   The Kurgan War Authored By:  Richard Turner Writer’s Website:   Synopsis When war comes after a century of peace, it is sudden and brutal. Taken by surprise Earth’s far-flung colonies are in danger. The only son of an admiral, Second Lieutenant Michael Sheridan finds himself thrust into a desperate conflict that he …

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A Hero (CORPORATION WARS) Book 1(sst-cccxxxv)

A Hero (CORPORATION WARS) Book 1(sst-cccxxxv)

Series Name:   CORPORATION WARS Authored By:  Stephen Arseneault Writer’s Website: Synopsis A hostile alien species invades human space. Our military hasn’t fought a war in centuries. Politics pervades our failing response. Some will lose everything. Others will surrender everything. Rayford Tyvos Jackson just wants to provide his family with a decent life. A tough …

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Passion Surge

Passion Surge (sst-cccv)

  Series Name:   Cyborg Space Exploration Series Authored By:  Cynthia Sax Synopsis This cyborg never expected to become an instant father. *** Surge is fascinated with newly manufactured offspring. He has studied them extensively, was one of the few medics present when the very first freeborn cyborg entered the universe. He’s currently assigned to a …

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The Eden Plague (sst-cxcvi)

The Eden Plague (sst-cxcvi)

  Series Name:   Plague Wars Authored By:  David VanDyke Synopsis When veteran combat lifesaver Daniel Markis finds a mystery woman with armed invaders in his home and it all goes sideways, he turns to his brothers in arms to fight back. On the run from the shadowy Company, soon he finds himself in a war …

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The Rift Saga Book 1

The Rift Saga Book 1 (sst-xcix)

Series Name:   The Rift Saga Authored By:  Andreas Christensen Writer’s Website: Synopsis RIFT – The new dystopian trilogy book 1 from the author of the Exodus Trilogy. The RIFT Saga begins here. In the ruins of what was once North America lays the Covenant, a nation forged by the iron will of the Moon …

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Victims of gun violence in Chicago offer an alternative to traditional policing

Chicago CRED hires people to prevent gun violence between gangs in neighborhoods and provides counseling and job training.

NBC News | 30 Sep, 2020
Air quality monitors: What to know, according to doctors

Doctors weigh in on the best air quality monitors for smoke following the west coast wildfires, and are in stock and ready to ship on Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Lowe's and more.

NBC News | 30 Sep, 2020
American hotel guest in legal trouble in Thailand over negative hotel reviews

An American who spent time at a Thai hotel in June was reportedly arrested this month over his negative online hotel reviews. The hotel said it considered the reviews "defamation"

NBC News | 30 Sep, 2020
Cleveland-area hospital goes offline after apparent cyberattack

A Cleveland-area hospital has spent more than a week offline after being hit by an apparent cyberattack, forcing it to postpone all elective procedures.

NBC News | 29 Sep, 2020
On the coast of Chile, bird nests show the scars of plastic pollution

A new study of bird nests in Chile found that plastic pollution in bird nests was pervasive, alarming conservationists.

NBC News | 29 Sep, 2020
Swing the Election

See how changes in voter turnout and support could shift the outcome of the 2020 election.

NBC News | 23 Sep, 2020
Demographic shifts since 2016 could be enough to defeat Trump. But it's complicated.

Demographic shifts since 2016 could be enough to defeat Trump. But it’s complicated.

NBC News | 23 Sep, 2020
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