Mystery and Detective

Justified (sst)

Justified (sst)

Series Name:   Madison Knight Authored By:  Carolyn Arnold Writer’s Website: Synopsis ’Tis the season for good cheer…usually. This year it has Detective Madison Knight and her partner at a bloody crime scene trying to solve the murder of a businesswoman. If only everyone they run into during the investigation didn’t have a reason to …

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Don’t Speak (sst)

Don’t Speak (sst)

Series Name:   Jade Harrington Authored By:  J.L. Brown Writer’s Website: Synopsis The nursery rhyme was wrong. Words can hurt you. Ambitious, twenty-something FBI Special Agent Jade Harrington cuts her vacation short to investigate the murder of a conservative radio personality only to discover that he may be the victim of a serial killer. Whitney …

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Forgotten (sst)

Series Name:   Araneya Mystery Authored By:  Neven Carr Writer’s Website: Synopsis Every family holds a secret. How far would yours go to keep it? Twenty-eight year old schoolteacher, Claudia Cabriati, has no memory of her life before the age of eight. This is not something she thought unusual, until a strangely familiar woman possessing …

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The Desiderata Stone (sst-cdliv)

The Desiderata Stone (sst-cdliv)

Series Name:   The Blind Sleuth Mysteries Authored By:  Nick Aaron Synopsis Daisy Hayes was a sculptress, and blind since birth. In 1964 a French priest came to visit her at the collective studio in north London where she worked. He was fascinated by the impaired artist and told her, “There’s this program at the Vatican …

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A Dream of Death  (sst-cdxliii)

A Dream of Death (sst-cdxliii)

Series Name:   Detective Lincoln Munroe Authored By:  Harrison Drake Writer’s Website:   Synopsis Ontario Provincial Police Detective Lincoln Munroe is coming up empty. As a serial killer terrorizes the area surrounding London, Ontario, Canada, Lincoln finds himself at a standstill waiting for the perfect killer to make his first mistake. While the body count …

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The Mystery of the Hidden Jewels (sst-cdxxvi)

The Mystery of the Hidden Jewels (sst-cdxxvi)

Series Name:   Skylar Robbins Authored By:  Carrie Cross Writer’s Website:   Synopsis A deserted mansion perches on a steep hillside, overlooking a rocky canyon. Tattered curtains hang behind broken windows, and a turret stretches toward the sky. Three years ago the wealthy owner disappeared suddenly, leaving behind a house full of secrets: A mysterious …

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Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper  (sst-cdxxiii)

Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper (sst-cdxxiii)

Series Name:   Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper Authored By:  J.L. Bryan Writer’s Website:   Synopsis 8″Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper is Ghostbusters meets The Dresden Files. Fun and creepy.” -Daniel Arenson, USA Today bestselling author of Earthrise and the Song of Dragons series Ellie Jordan’s job is to identify and remove unwanted ghosts. Part detective, part …

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