Somewhat Scandalous (sst-cccxvii)

Somewhat Scandalous (sst-cccxvii)

Series Name:   The Brambridge Novels Authored By:  Pearl Darling Synopsis Sometimes hiding is the best way of being found… Miss Agatha Beauregard has a theory about men. In fact she has a theory about almost everything. Rescued from the dreary confines of Hope Sands by the powerful Lord Henry Anglethorpe, and launched onto the ton …

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The Viscount’s Runaway Bride

The Viscount’s Runaway Bride (sst-cclxvi)

Series Name:   Marriage by Bargain Series Authored By:  Ruth Ann Nordin Writer’s Website: Writer’s Blog: Synopsis What Lord Worsley really wants is a wife who can excite him, but what he ended up with was an engagement borne of necessity to his sister’s friend. So when Miss Damara Onslow intercepts his carriage, he’s …

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The Reclusive Earl

The Reclusive Earl (sst-ccxlvii)

  Series Name:   Marriage by Fate Authored By:  Ruth Ann Nordin Writer’s Website: Writer’s Blog: Synopsis It’s far easier to hide in the shadows than risk being hurt. When a very imperfect earl happens to be caught up in a scandal that forces him to marry the perfect lady, he can’t help but …

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The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife (sst-ccxxiv)

The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife (sst-ccxxiv)

  Series Name:   Marriage By Scandal Authored By:  Ruth Ann Nordin Writer’s Website: Writer’s Blog: Synopsis Caught in a scandalous situation, Lord Roderick marries a lady he believes tricked him into marriage. Miss Claire Lowell hoped her first Season would result in a marriage based on love, but her new husband hates her. …

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Sea Scoundrel

Sea Scoundrel (sst-clxxvii)

Series Name:   Knave of Hearts Authored By:  Annette Blair Synopsis SEA SCOUNDREL, (Lady Patience, the uncut version.), Knave of Hearts, One of Four Lady Patience Kendall crossed the sea to marry, but her intended died before she arrived in America. Penniless and stranded, she found a risky way to get home: Charge several rich Colonials …

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Rogue’s Honor

Rogue’s Honor (sst-clx)

Series Name:   The Saint of Seven Dials Authored By:  Brenda Hiatt Writer’s Website: Synopsis A lady disguises herself as a maid to avoid a marriage that would snatch away her inheritance, only to be aided in her escape by a seeming servant who is in fact the legendary Regency Robin Hood, the Saint of …

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Midnight Marriage (sst-xxvii)

Midnight Marriage (sst-xxvii)

  Series Name:   Roxton Family Saga Authored By:  Lucinda Brant Writer’s Website: Synopsis 1760s England and France. Julian and Deb are hurriedly married-off as teenagers. Julian is then banished to the continent, Deb returned to the nursery and told her midnight marriage was just a bad dream from the effects of laudanum. Nine years …

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