Space Opera

Paax: Warlord Brides (sst-cdli)

Paax: Warlord Brides (sst-cdli)

Series Name:   Warriors Of Sangrin Authored By:  Nancey Cummings & Starr Huntress Writer 1 Website: Writer 2 Blog: Synopsis Paax never wanted to be matched to a mate. The situation in his clan was dangerous for a hardened warrior, let alone a soft Human female without fangs or claws to defend herself. Sending …

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The Phoenix Conspiracy (sst-cccxlvii)

The Phoenix Conspiracy (sst-cccxlvii)

Series Name:   The Phoenix Conspiracy Series Authored By:  Richard L. Sanders Writer’s Website:   Synopsis On the surface, the galaxy seems peaceful. Humankind prospers from the Capital World to the far reaches of The Corridor. But to those who can see the signs, it’s clear something is wrong. Long, dark fingers are pulling strings …

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A Hero (CORPORATION WARS) Book 1(sst-cccxxxv)

A Hero (CORPORATION WARS) Book 1(sst-cccxxxv)

Series Name:   CORPORATION WARS Authored By:  Stephen Arseneault Writer’s Website: Synopsis A hostile alien species invades human space. Our military hasn’t fought a war in centuries. Politics pervades our failing response. Some will lose everything. Others will surrender everything. Rayford Tyvos Jackson just wants to provide his family with a decent life. A tough …

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Neptune Crossing (sst-ccxxvi)

Neptune Crossing (sst-ccxxvi)

  Series Name:   Chaos Chronicles Series Authored By:  Jeffrey A. Carver Synopsis When John Bandicut sets out across the surface of Triton, he’s hardly ready for the storm of chaos that’s about to blow through his life. The alien quarx that soon inhabits his mind is humanity’s first contact with an alien life—a contact Bandicut …

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Fractured Mind Episode One (sst-ccii)

Fractured Mind Episode One (sst-ccii)

  Series Name:   Fractured Mind Episode Series Authored By:  Odette C. Bell Writer’s Website: Synopsis Sarah’s been plagued with strange dreams her whole life. Except there’s one problem – they aren’t dreams. Everyone thinks she’s mad – and none more so than the strapping Lieutenant Karax. He’s convinced she should be kicked out of …

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Star Soldier Episode One (sst-cc)

Star Soldier Episode One (sst-cc)

    Series Name:  Star Soldier Series Authored By:  Odette C. Bell Writer’s Website: Synopsis Her world is dying, and only she can help. Ami is a soldier, nothing more than cannon fodder in a war that’s threatening to tear her world apart. When creatures from a cross-dimensional rift spill over her world, society …

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Beyond the Hidden Sky

Beyond the Hidden Sky (sst-clxi)

Series Name:   Star Trails Tetralogy Series Authored By:  Marcha A. Fox Writer’s Website: Synopsis To escape Augustus Troy’s wrath for refusing his job offer, terralogist, Laren Brightstar, accepts a prestigious position on a primitive planet on the other side of the galaxy. Onboard a starcruiser during the move, his teenage daughter, Creena, turns up …

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Star Destiny Episode One

Star Destiny Episode One (sst-cxxxiv)

Series Name:   Star Destiny Authored By:  Odette C. Bell Writer’s Website: Synopsis Intergalactic battles, the most powerful assassin in the empire, a twisted royal family, and a man who is way out of his depth. Commander Williams is going somewhere. In the Imperial Forces, it’s almost impossible to climb the ranks without noble birth, …

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Of North Blood Drawn

Of North Blood Drawn (sst-cvi)

Series Name:   Magen Authored By:  C.J. Watterson Writer’s Website: Synopsis In an age of science and reason an unfulfilled prophesy seems to be coming to life. Born without telepathy, Magen Agasan is exiled by his people, the mythical “North Ice-Islanders”. He becomes ensnared in a long-running interplanetary war. A dark shadow dogs his steps. …

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Trump has the votes in Supreme Court fight, but Democrats have the political edge

In Supreme Court fight, Trump has the votes but Democrats have the political edge

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
Is mail theft surging in the U.S.? Postal Service inspectors don't know

Anecdotal accounts suggest mail theft is on the rise in parts of the country. Postal Service inspectors don’t have a reliable system to track the crime.

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
What is a paella pan? Experts share tips on your best options.

What is a paella pan and the best paella pans, including options from Garcima, Made In, Lodge, Le Creuset, Demeyere, La Tienda and more.

NBC News | 27 Sep, 2020
Trump Court pick Amy Coney Barrett's past critiques on Obamacare face scrutiny

Trump Supreme Court pick Amy Coney Barrett’s past critiques of Obamacare face scrutiny

NBC News | 26 Sep, 2020
Climate change poses a growing threat to hundreds of hazardous waste Superfund sites

Hurricanes, floods and wildfires imperil hundreds of toxic sites. But the Trump administration won't talk about the rising risks.

NBC News | 24 Sep, 2020
Swing the Election

See how changes in voter turnout and support could shift the outcome of the 2020 election.

NBC News | 23 Sep, 2020
Demographic shifts since 2016 could be enough to defeat Trump. But it's complicated.

Demographic shifts since 2016 could be enough to defeat Trump. But it’s complicated.

NBC News | 23 Sep, 2020
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