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Highland Sorcerer (sst-cdl)

Highland Sorcerer (sst-cdl)

Series Name:   Highland Sorcery Authored By:  Clover Autrey Writer’s Website:  https://www.cloverautrey.com/   Synopsis Charity Greves has the gift of healing. So when a naked bleeding Highlander materializes out of the air into her kitchen, she does what any rational free-thinking herbalist under the same circumstances would do–she heals him. She didn’t expect to be drawn …

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Swept Away (sst-ccclxxxvix)

Swept Away (sst-ccclxxxvix)

Series Name:   Swept Away Saga Authored By:  Kamery Solomon Writer’s Website:  https://www.kamerysolomonbooks.com/   Synopsis Dead men tell no tales…. When Samantha Greene is accidentally transported hundreds of years back in time, she finds herself in the middle of an adventure that’s changed the course of history. Pirates, buried treasure, secret societies, mutiny, and love await …

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Dear Maude (sst-cccxlvi)

Dear Maude (sst-cccxlvi)

Series Name:   The Dear Maude Trilogy Authored By:  Denise Liebig Writer’s Website:  https://www.deniseliebig.com/   Synopsis Emily thought her scholarship was a step forward… Not a step backward… In Time. An Unforgettable Time Travel Adventure. 2017 Readers’ Favorite Awards Bronze Medal Winner, Fiction-Tall Tale Category “Beautifully written, this story brings time travel to life!” Upstate New …

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Highlander’s Desire

Highlander’s Desire (sst-cxcvii)

    Series Name:  The Matheson Brothers Authored By:  Joanne Wadsworth Synopsis New York Times Bestselling Author Joanne Wadsworth brings you another bestselling Highlander time travel series you shouldn’t miss. Readers are loving it! There can be only one…for both of them. In the twelfth century, a man named Gilleoin was gifted with the ability …

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The McKinnon The Beginning: Book 1 – Part 1 The McKinnon Legends (A Time Travel Series)

The McKinnon The Beginning: Book 1 – Part 1 The McKinnon Legends (A Time Travel Series) (sst-lxxxvi)

  Series Name:   Dark of Night–The McKinnon Legends A Time Travel Series Authored By:  Ranay James Writer’s Website: https://ranayjames.com/ Synopsis For his faithful devotion to King Henry, Nic finds himself rewarded with the hand in marriage to the seventh Duchess of Seabridge. The only issue is Nic isn’t interested in the bounty, and taking a …

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With no tours or live shows, musicians have found ways to bridge the gap online

Guthrie Trapp, a studio and touring musician based in Nashville, said everyone at every level of the industry has been affected by pandemic shutdowns.

NBC News | 20 Sep, 2020
Emmys 2020: 'Schitt's Creek' deserves its awards show swan song

Emmys 2020: 'Schitt's Creek' has 15 nominations this year but no primetime wins. It deserves its awards show swan song.

NBC News | 20 Sep, 2020
Amy Coney Barrett emerging as a front-runner to fill Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat

Amy Coney Barrett has emerged as one of the front-runners to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

NBC News | 19 Sep, 2020
The cataclysm of 2020 just added a Supreme Court fight

Most current voters have never been asked to select a leader — President Donald Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden — with so much on the line on so many fronts.

NBC News | 19 Sep, 2020
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