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The Awakener

The Awakener (sst-xci)

Series Name:   The Watchers of Men Authored By:  Amanda Strong Writer’s Website: https://authoramandastrong.com/ Synopsis Seeing Micah for the first time in years, fifteen year old Eden wants nothing more than to run and hide, but instead in a moment of sheer embarrassment, she throws her arms around his neck; unaware she just changed her childhood … The Awakener (sst-xci) Read More » ...
Ethan Justice: Origins

Ethan Justice: Origins (sst-xcii)

Series Name:   Ethan Justice Action Thrillers Authored By:  Simon Jenner Writer’s Website: https://simonjenner.com/ Synopsis In the morning, he’s struggling to remember. By the evening, he’s struggling to survive. John Smith’s risk avoidance policy just expired! Waking up beside the gorgeous Savannah Jones, John is shocked to learn she was for hire, and he can’t pay … Ethan Justice: Origins (sst-xcii) Read More » ...
Of Cinder and Bone

Of Cinder and Bone (sst-xciii)

Series Name:   Of Cinder and Bone Authored By:  Kyoko M. Writer’s Website: https://misskyokom.com/ Writer’s Blog: https://shewhowritesmonsters.com/   Synopsis Two MIT scientists create a dragon and the yakuza steal it so they can clone more. After centuries of being the most dangerous predators on the planet, dragons were hunted to extinction. That is, until Dr. Rhett … Of Cinder and Bone (sst-xciii) Read More » ...
Angels of the Knights – Fallon (Book One)

Angels of the Knights – Fallon (Book One) (sst-xciv)

Series Name:   Angels of the Knights Authored By:  Valerie Zambito Writer’s Website: https://www.valeriezambito.com/ Synopsis When Fallon died at the age of sixteen, her life changed forever. The hallowed world of Emperica is everything she had ever hoped for as a mortal—immeasurable beauty, unconditional love and light. But, with affection for humankind still burning within her, … Angels of the Knights – Fallon (Book One) (sst-xciv) Read More » ...
Trapped by the Wolf

Trapped by the Wolf (sst-xcv)

Series Name:   Werewolf Fever Authored By:  Juno Blake   Synopsis He’ll never let her go. Lucy knows the rules. Don’t go out under the full moon. Never travel in the countryside without silver. But we all make mistakes sometimes When a sudden storm drives Lucy off the road, she takes shelter in an abandoned castle. … Trapped by the Wolf (sst-xcv) Read More » ...
Broken Episode One: A Galactic Coalition Academy Series

Broken Episode One: A Galactic Coalition Academy Series (sst-xcvi)

Series Name:   Broken Series Authored By:  Odette C. Bell Writer’s Website:  https://www.odettecbell.com/ Synopsis Special Commander Joshua Cook has a secret, she’s sure of it. He’s the Coalition’s latest golden boy, but she knows he has a past that’s far from sparkling. Ready to find out what his secret is, she isn’t ready for the man … Broken Episode One: A Galactic Coalition Academy Series (sst-xcvi) Read More » ...
New World: a Frontier Fantasy Novel

New World: a Frontier Fantasy Novel (sst-xcvii)

Series Name:   Tales of the New World Authored By:  Steven W. White Writer’s Website:  https://noveldog.com/ Synopsis In a land called Mira, the brutal sacking of a young colony links the fates of two opposite characters: a twelve-year-old printer’s son named Simon Jones and his long-lost uncle Tiberius Bogg, one of Mira’s legendary mountain men. Together … New World: a Frontier Fantasy Novel (sst-xcvii) Read More » ...
Mishap & Mayhem (The Legacy Trilogy)

Mishap & Mayhem (The Legacy Trilogy) (sst-xcviii)

Series Name:   The Legacy Trilogy Authored By:  M.M. Shelley Writer’s Website:  https://www.mmshelley.com/ Synopsis For centuries magical beings have hidden in the darkness. Long ago an ancient race hid a powerful weapon on Earth, and now word has spread that it’s on the verge of being found. Its Summer 2045, and twin sisters; Grasiella and Tatiana … Mishap & Mayhem (The Legacy Trilogy) (sst-xcviii) Read More » ...
The Rift Saga Book 1

The Rift Saga Book 1 (sst-xcix)

Series Name:   The Rift Saga Authored By:  Andreas Christensen Writer’s Website:  https://www.christensenwriting.com/ Synopsis RIFT – The new dystopian trilogy book 1 from the author of the Exodus Trilogy. The RIFT Saga begins here. In the ruins of what was once North America lays the Covenant, a nation forged by the iron will of the Moon … The Rift Saga Book 1 (sst-xcix) Read More » ...
Freaks of Greenfield High

Freaks of Greenfield High (sst-c)

Series Name:   Freaks Series Authored By:  Maree Anderson Writer’s Website: https://www.mareeanderson.com/ Synopsis Now’s so not the time for a cyborg to get all emotional! Jay’s a teenage cyborg on the run from a covert organization intent on using her as a weapon. But Jay’s evolving, and experiencing human emotions for the very first time. And … Freaks of Greenfield High (sst-c) Read More » ...
Flipping Numbers PT 1

Flipping Numbers PT 1 (sst-ci)

Series Name:  Flipping Numbers Authored By:  Ernest Morris Writer’s Website:  https://www.good2gopublishing.com/ Synopsis GOOD2GO PUBLISHING PRESENTS THE HIGHLY ANTICIPATED DEBUT NOVEL FROM ERNEST MORRIS EJ is a normal guy living a normal life, that is until he meets Maria a woman that changes his life forever. Maria teaches him how to make fast money by just … Flipping Numbers PT 1 (sst-ci) Read More » ...
Church Boyz 1 (Rod of the Wicked)

Church Boyz 1 (Rod of the Wicked) (sst-cii)

Series Name:   Church Boyz Authored By:  H.H. Fowler Writer’s Website:  https://www.churchboyz.org/ Synopsis Four men, four lives that intertwine with each other, shows that the righteous are not perfect, and at times, are tempted to forsake the ways of God. As each of these men battle to regain their focus, they will come to realize that … Church Boyz 1 (Rod of the Wicked) (sst-cii) Read More » ...
Checking Him Out

Checking Him Out (sst-ciii)

Series Name:   Checking Him Out Series Authored By:  Debbie McGowan Writer’s Website:  https://www.debbiemcgowan.co.uk/ Synopsis Engineer Sol Brooks is a happily married man, so people keep telling him. He and Elise have been in Boston for eight years, he loves her, and she loves him. They’ve got a great apartment that’s kept its value, they’re both … Checking Him Out (sst-ciii) Read More » ...
Extreme Medical Services: Medical Care On The Fringes Of Humanity

Extreme Medical Services: Medical Care On The Fringes Of Humanity (sst-civ)

Series Name:   Extreme Medical Services Authored By:  Jamie Davis Writer’s Website:  https://jamiedavisbooks.com/ Synopsis Monsters, Paramedics, and Street Medicine. New paramedic Dean Flynn is fresh out of the academy. When he gets assigned to the unknown backwater ambulance Station U, he wonders what he did wrong. Dean soon learns that even his patients aren’t normal. Dean … Extreme Medical Services: Medical Care On The Fringes Of Humanity (sst-civ) Read More » ...
The Smallest Giant: Children of Time Book 1

The Smallest Giant: Children of Time Book 1 (sst-cv)

Series Name:  Children of  Time Series Authored By:  G.J. Winters   Synopsis From the Publisher that brought you popular short story series Witching Call, Hostile Hearts, Earthbound Angels, The January Morrison Files Psychic Series, Ralph’s Gift, Song of Teeth, Children of Time, Chains of Darkness, Tropical Storms and Friend Zone… THE FUTURE IS IN DANGER … The Smallest Giant: Children of Time Book 1 (sst-cv) Read More » ...
Of North Blood Drawn

Of North Blood Drawn (sst-cvi)

Series Name:   Magen Authored By:  C.J. Watterson Writer’s Website:  https://www.wattywriting.com/ Synopsis In an age of science and reason an unfulfilled prophesy seems to be coming to life. Born without telepathy, Magen Agasan is exiled by his people, the mythical “North Ice-Islanders”. He becomes ensnared in a long-running interplanetary war. A dark shadow dogs his steps. … Of North Blood Drawn (sst-cvi) Read More » ...
Secret Seduction

Secret Seduction (sst-cvii)

Series Name:   Secret Series Authored By:  Jill Sanders Writer’s Website:  https://www.jillsanders.com/   Synopsis To Katie life was simple. She wanted a little house in upper Boston, and four kids fathered by her best friend Jason, who she’s been infatuated with since she was eight. After a devastating family secret is exposed, all she wants now … Secret Seduction (sst-cvii) Read More » ...
Designed for Perfection

Designed for Perfection (sst-cviii)

Series Name:   The Designer Chronicles Authored By:  Elle Davis   Synopsis Messing with Mother Nature can have unexpected consequences Having a genius level IQ, model good looks, and supernatural physical traits almost guarantees seventeen-year-old Ronan Callahan a life of success. He’s a genetically engineered human, custom designed by scientists and his wealthy parents. But being … Designed for Perfection (sst-cviii) Read More » ...
The Nibiru Effect: A Time Travel Adventure

The Nibiru Effect: A Time Travel Adventure (sst-cix)

Series Name: Will Save Series Authored By:  G. Sauvé Writer’s Website:  https://gsauve.ca/ Synopsis A cryptic dream. A strange symbol. A magical ring. Will’s life will never be the same. Lured away from his life at the orphanage by the promise of a family reunion, fifteen-year-old Will Save unwittingly embarks on an adventure through time and … The Nibiru Effect: A Time Travel Adventure (sst-cix) Read More » ...

Resonant (sst-cx)

Series Name:  The Vampires of Vegas Authored By:  Alexia Purdy Writer’s Website:  https://www.alexiapurdybooks.com/ Synopsis Surviving is worse than death As the first days of the end of humanity tumble across the city of Las Vegas in the form of an overwhelming viral infection, turning almost everyone into vampire-like creatures, April Tate will find out what … Resonant (sst-cx) Read More » ...
Kenyan Heat

Kenyan Heat (sst-cxi)

Series Name:   Darkin World Authored By:  A.B. Robinette Writer’s Website:  https://abrobinette.com/ Synopsis (NOVELLA) Ife’s life is turned upside down as two werelions stalk her, wanting to claim her for their own. One is the insane alpha of alphas, the First of Africa, Zaire Akinyi. The other is a sexy foreigner named Nathan Allen. Will she … Kenyan Heat (sst-cxi) Read More » ...
The Slave (Free Men, #1)

The Slave (Free Men, #1) (sst-cxii)

Series Name:   Free Men Series Authored By:  Kate Aaron Writer’s Website:   https://kateaaron.com/ Synopsis Loving his master comes easily to Tam, having been a slave since he was twelve years old. His life is perfect, until the day he’s charged with purchasing his replacement. He wants to hate Kai for being his successor in their master’s … The Slave (Free Men, #1) (sst-cxii) Read More » ...
Traitor, Book 1 of The Turner Chronicles

Traitor, Book 1 of The Turner Chronicles (sst-cxiii)

Series Name:   The Turner Chronicles Authored By:  Mark Eller Writer’s Website:  https://www.hellholetavern.com/   Synopsis Last Chance – a small town set on the edge of the far frontier. It is a place of gentle manners and common civility. After all, it should be since more than three quarters of its residents are women. However times … Traitor, Book 1 of The Turner Chronicles (sst-cxiii) Read More » ...
Frozen Prospects: A YA Epic Fantasy Novel (Volume 1 of The Guadel Chronicles Books)

Frozen Prospects: A YA Epic Fantasy Novel (Volume 1 of The Guadel Chronicles Books) (sst-cxiv)

Series Name:   The Guadel Chronicles Authored By:  Dean Murray Writer’s Website:  https://deanwrites.blogspot.com/ Synopsis The invitation to join the secretive Guadel should have been the fulfillment of dreams Va’del didn’t even realize he had. When his sponsors are killed in an ambush a short time later, he instead finds his probationary status revoked, and becomes a … Frozen Prospects: A YA Epic Fantasy Novel (Volume 1 of The Guadel Chronicles Books) (sst-cxiv) Read More » ...

Intoxicated (sst-cxv)

Series Name:   The Intoxicated Books Authored By: Alicia Renee Kline Writer’s Website:  https://aliciareneekline.com/   Synopsis Intoxicated A full length novel of over 100,000 words When everything she ever wanted turns out not to be enough Lauren Jefferies is on the verge of having it all. Hard work and determination have culminated in a promotion that … Intoxicated (sst-cxv) Read More » ...
Project: Dragonslayers

Project: Dragonslayers (sst-cxvi)

Series Name:   The Dragonslayer’s Saga Authored By:   K. Rowe Writer’s Website:  https://sturgeoncreek.blogspot.com/ Synopsis First book in the Dragonslayer Saga. USAF LTC. Eagle Tryggvesson got more than she bargained for when tangling with Navy Admiral Richard Westland over a proposal for an elite Special Forces unit. Eventually losing the battle, Westland swore she’d fail- he’d make … Project: Dragonslayers (sst-cxvi) Read More » ...

Dystopia (sst-cxvii)

Series Name:   Dystopia Trilogy Authored By:  Janet McNulty Writer’s Website:  https://www.mcnultyjanet.com/   Synopsis Imagine living in a world where everything you do is controlled. In the distant future the United States has been split into two regions separated by a barren wasteland; this is the country of Dystopia. Here the individual is discouraged, freedom is … Dystopia (sst-cxvii) Read More » ...
Dancing Days

Dancing Days (sst-cxviii)

  Series Name:   The Helicon Muses Authored By:  Val St. Crowe Writer’s Website:  https://www.vjchambers.com/ Synopsis A young muse searches to discover who is draining energy from her new found home, the whimsical land of Helicon, and begins to suspect her childhood sweetheart.    If Hogwarts was more like Woodstock, and Voldemort was your childhood sweetheart … Dancing Days (sst-cxviii) Read More » ...
The Legend of Kimberly: Inheritance

The Legend of Kimberly: Inheritance (sst-cxix)

Series Name:   The Legend of Kimberly Authored By:  J.R. Leckman Writer’s Website:  https://www.jrleckman.com/ Synopsis When Kimberly finds a magic sword, she is taken away from Earth and her abusive father to a world called Auviarra, a place she thought her grandfather had invented. Striving to become the kind of hero she has always read about, … The Legend of Kimberly: Inheritance (sst-cxix) Read More » ...

Gee (sst-cxx)

Series Name:   JD Series Authored By:  Antonio Tripodi Writer’s Website:  https://antoniotripodi.com/ Synopsis When John Daniels left for the library he expected it to be just another quiet day hunting through journals and periodicals. Then a mysterious package arrived with an impossible device inside, and John’s peaceful world vanished with the death screams of a murdered … Gee (sst-cxx) Read More » ...


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